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NEP has the potential to bring down anti-Indian narrative in the west: IAS officer Mrinalini Darswal

She remarked that when a person comes across a kind of discrimination, it is wise to consider whether the individual who is alleging that they are being treated unfairly is indeed suffering as a result of disparity.

Source: Official website of Harvard T.H. Chan.

Mrinalini Darswal, professional doctor and IAS officer of Odisha Cadre argued that it is counterproductive to group different types of prejudice and discrimination together.

She claims that with the New Education Policy (NEP), the Indian government has given us a solid opportunity to challenge the anti-India narrative in the West.

The NEP has the potential to develop India's civilizational story and impart it to the rest of the world, according to Darswal. She also believes that the policy will help bring down the anti-India narrative in the west, in which prejudiced opinions are presented as scientific facts.

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