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'Namami Gange' one of 10 initiatives recognized by the UN

‌‌The programmes were designated as World Restoration Flagships and are qualified to receive promotion, guidance or funding from the U.N.

Via : NMCG 

Ten "ground-breaking" initiatives from around the world have been recognised by the UN for their contribution in restoring nature, including an ambitious project that aims to improve the Ganga's health.

‌‌A report released on Dec.13 at the U.N. Biodiversity Conference (COP15) in Montreal claims that the Ganga has deteriorated along its 2,525-km path from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal due to climate change, population increase, industrialization and irrigation.

‌‌The Namami Gange project makes a significant effort to reduce pollution, replace forest cover, and provide several benefits to the 520 million people who live in and around the Ganga's huge basin is focused on restoring the Ganga's health.

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