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Miss/Mrs/Teen India New Jersey 2022 celebrates women empowerment

A new category called ‘Shakti’ was created by the pageant to empower women and celebrate them.

The top three winners of the Miss India New Jersey pageant 2022. (L-R) Raksha Tripathi, Mrs. India New Jersey; Mira Patel, Miss India New Jersey; Sanskriti Srivastava Miss Teen India New Jersey. Source: Courtesy

The winners of the “Miss/Mrs/Teen India New Jersey” beauty pageant were recently crowned at the grand ballroom of Royal Albert’s Palace in Fords, New Jersey.

The event which was held in celebration of India’s 75th year of Independence also featured a Khadi fashion show created by New York based fashion designer Sonal Gadhvi. The pageant was inaugurated by John E. McCormac, the Mayor of Woodbridge and attended dignitaries such as Councilman Viru Patel.

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