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Microsoft and NIELIT team up to train young Indians in cybersecurity

The collaboration between NIELIT and Microsoft will help fill the cybersecurity skills gap and benefit nearly 3,500 students.

Microsoft and NIELT team up to skill young Indians in cybersecurity (Image: Twitter/@ians_india)

Microsoft has partnered with India's National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT), on Jan. 4, 2023, to enhance access to job skills through the CyberShikshaa and Ready4Cybersecurity programmes, in line with their commitment to adddress the cybersecurity skills gap in the nation.

According to an official statement from the company, their collaboration will implement CyberShikshaa and Ready4Cybersecurity programs in 30 NIELIT training centres across Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns, with a special focus on Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh, and states in the North-East region of India.

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