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Melbourne Museum to host exhibition of Indian fabrics

The exhibition will be on display exclusively at the Melbourne Museum from May to September 2023.

Sita Bhumi Pravesh by Gaurang Shah (Image - Museums Victoria)

The Melbourne Museum, Australia, announced that an international exhibition ‘Sutr Santati: Then. Now. Next,’ which features textile traditions and techniques that are a part of India's cultural heritage, will open on May  1,2023

"Sutr Santati," which means "the continuation of thread," was conceptualized and assembled by Lavina Baldota of the Abheraj Baldota Foundation. It will have on display 75 specifically commissioned textiles that were created by Indian craftspeople and modern designers as well as regional varieties of cotton, muga, and eri silk as well as yarn made from camel, goat, and yak hair.

According to the museum's statement, visitors can explore the thread-woven narratives of India through needlework, resist-dyeing, printing, painting, appliqué, and other techniques at the exhibition. "The imaginative/vibrant and modern reinterpretation of methods with traditional yarns shows the deep and profound reverence that Indians have for handwoven textiles," the statement noted.

Additionally, Sutr Santati will expand on the continuous creative discourse between Australia and India, forging closer linkages between people while recognizing the cultural ties of communities in the two nations.

Curator Baldota said, “I am very excited for the people of Melbourne to experience the continuity of the diverse textile heritage of India through the exhibition Sutr Santati: Then. Now. Next.”