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Meet Shashank Moddhia; the US graduate saving lives in India

Moddhia got his student visa in the United States with an aim to take back what he learns and implement it in India.

Shashank Moddhia of The Renal Project (Image: UTA)

University of Texas, Arlington (UTA) alumnus Shashank Moddhia founded and established The Renal Project, a healthcare company based in Mumbai, to revolutionize the availability and delivery of dialysis therapy.

The Biomedical engineering graduate's company, established in 2019 with a single dialysis centre, currently has 31 centres spread across remote areas of India, with a network of nephrologists, technicians, and staff to offer over 5,000 dialysis sessions per month. It also received support from the Indian government and has been featured on Shark Tank India.

According to the University press, Moddhia drew inspiration to pursue healthcare entrepreneurship from his doctor -father. “My education at UTA was very application-based, which allows one to get a lot of real-life experience,” Moddhia said in an interview with the University.

Crediting the practical education he received at the University, for his entrepreneurial success Moddhia added, “My sense of purpose was so strong that I knew I could make my way through any fumble that even if I didn’t know something, I would be able to find a way.”

Recollecting the time he started off with The Renal Project, he said,“For my visa to study in the United States, I had to write a statement of purpose. One of the things I am most proud of is that I have been true to what I wrote as a 19-year-old—that I wanted to take what I learned in the U.S. back to my country and see how I could make positive change there.”