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Mcdonald’s Chicago gets McAloo Tikki; Desis rejoice

Some users urged the fast-food company to introduce the burger option in their cities and countries as well, including in New Jersey and the U.K.

McDonald's has introduced its Indian version burger at a restaurant in Chicago, United States. Image - Twitter @McDonalds

The world's largest food chain, McDonald's introduced India's famous "McAloo Tikki" burger to its menu in Chicago tickling the taste buds of many Indians living in Chicago. The vegetarian burger made from potatoes, peas and samosa seasoning is a popular item in McDonald's India.

The fast food company said that the burger will be available at McDonald’s restaurants in Chicago, United States. Saurabh Dak, a Chicago-based food blogger, revealed the news on Instagram. The caption read, "McAloo Tikki in the USA is true globalisation!"

Screengrab from Saurabh Dak's video on Instagram.

The video soon went viral with the desi diaspora in the United States welcoming the news. One user commented, “Finally the day has come people thought I was foolish to look for this option in MCD US back in 2016.. little did they know that I was way ahead of time."

"OMG. McAloo Tikki burger is MY CHILDHOOD MEMORY FROM INDIA. I crave it all the time," Another user rejoiced.  Many users also urged the fast-food company to introduce the burger in other cities and countries as well, including in New Jersey, Canada and the U.K.

However, it remains unclear which location in Chicago will feature the new addition. Several Indians commented asking Saurabh to reveal the location so they could visit the restaurant and take a bite of their favorite version of the burger.

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