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Looking at ways to end a brutal conflict

For President Biden to say that he is “willing” to talk to President Putin should be seen as a step in the right direction and tone even if conditions are being attached

French President Emmanuel Macron and Mrs. Brigitte Macron of France made a state visit to the United States.

With a conflict winding its way up to the 300-day mark and no end in sight there are finally signs that efforts are under way to bring to an end, a war that has taken its toll globally particularly to those hapless citizens of Ukraine. And it took a state visit of the President of France to the United States for Joseph Biden to say that he is willing to talk to his counterpart in Russia, Vladimir Putin. Over the last several months President Emmanuel Macron had kept his phone lines open to the Kremlin occasionally talking to Putin, but not President Biden who had steadfastly refused to have anything to do with the man in Moscow.

Even now President Biden saying that he is “willing” to talk is couched in conditionalities—that President Putin must think of ending the conflict and that Washington would have to consult NATO before taking any step. And the first response from the Kremlin is that while it is “open” to talks, the West must accept the demands of Russia. This posturing on the part of Putin is only to be expected for at this stage he would have to make sure of his domestic standing especially after embarking on a “Special Military Operation” on February 24 and perhaps hoping it would be over in a few days. The spirited response of Ukraine was something Moscow would not have dreamed of.

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