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Looking ahead positively and with vigour

The last seventy years plus have witnessed tremendous changes in the Indian political and social system, but to say that the process has been completed would be a gross understatement.

(from right) Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President of Egypt Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and Droupadi Murmu President of India witnessing the Republic Day parade in New Delhi. Image - PIB

India celebrated the 74th Republic Day with all the expected pomp and splendour by way of an impressive show in New Delhi which was rightly replicated in all States and Union Territories. To see a nation positively taking on current challenges and bracing itself for anything and everything that the future may behold speaks volumes of the resilience of its people who are essentially the custodians and guardians of the Constitution that defines what this country is all about.

India is often referred to as the largest democracy in the world, the citizens cherishing the hard-fought freedoms of our forefathers and preserving the foresightedness of those who framed our constitutional framework. Yet in all this brisk ongoing debate on the status of freedom, debate and dissent there is also this element of sadness of an attempt by extremists sitting on the fringes to diminish the achievements of the last seven decades or more.

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