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Jaipur artist crafts world's smallest spoon to create Guiness record

Navratan Prajapati, from Jaipur, Rajasthan, now holds the record of world's smallest spoon, which is merely 2mm in height and 0.7 inches long.

Navratan Prajapati, created the world's smallest spoon, which was previously created by Gowrishankar Gummadidhala. (Image - Twitter/@GWR) 

An artist from Jaipur created the world's smallest wooden spoon and "carved" a record for himself. Navratan Prajapati was inducted into the Guinness World Records (GWR) for designing a spoon that was only 2mm tall and 0.7 inches long.

Additionally, GWR posted a snippet of Prajapati creating the spoon on their official Twitter account. In the video, Prajapati can be seen skillfully crafting the tiniest spoon ever. He even kept the piece of cutlery on a grain of rice to show how little it is, which makes the process pretty fascinating.

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