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Indo-Bangla diplomacy: Hilsa fish the mighty leveler

Bangladesh had banned hilsa export to India in July 2012. Later, as a token of goodwill, the neighbouring country lifted the ban on hilsa exports to India during Durga Puja in 2019

Indo-Bangla diplomacy: Hilsa fish the mighty leveler ( Source: wiki commons)

When it comes to Indo-Bangla diplomacy, the hilsa fish is the mighty leveler. This ‘Hilsa Diplomacy’ was set in motion a long time back and is still in vogue.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is using ‘hilsa diplomacy’ to bridge the relationship between the two countries. She first used the hilsa gift for the then Chief Minister Jyoti Bose in 1996 before the signing of the Ganges Water Sharing Agreement between Bangladesh and India. Then, when Mamata Banerjee was India’s railway minister in 2010, Hasina brought hilsa fish for her.

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