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India's exports drop 12.2% in December

The exports of electronic goods from April to December 2022 totaled $16.67 billion, representing a growth of 51.56% over the same period of the previous year when the exports of electronic goods were US$10.99 bn.

India's exports drop 12.2% in December (Image: Andy Li / Unsplash)

India's exports, according to Commerce Secretary Sunil Barthwal, have maintained their strength despite adverse global conditions. He claimed that India must adjust its export goals so that it may profit from nations like Brazil that are experiencing positive GDP growth.

India's merchandise exports fell to $34.8 billion in December 2022, a 12.2% annual decline from $39.27 billion the year before due to global headwinds, according to government data. However, on an annual basis, merchandise exports for the months of April through December 2022 increased by 9% to $332.76 billion. Additionally, December's imports decreased to $58.24 billion from $60.33 billion in the same month last year.

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