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Indian Overseas Congress USA celebrates Karnataka victory in Chicago

Indian Overseas Congress USA thanks the for people of Karnataka for supporting the Congress party.

The Indian Overseas Congress USA celebrates the victory of the Congress Party. Image -Youtube/ NIA

The Indian Overseas Congress USA celebrated the victory of the Congress Party, in the recently concluded Karnataka state elections, with the Indian-American community during an event held in Chicago. The celebration was attended by the chairman of Overseas Congress Sam Pitroda, former Indian cricket captain and congress member Mohammad Azharuddin, Ifteqar Sheriff , Krishna Mushyam and others.

The Indian Overseas Congress believes that the victory will set the pace for all the upcoming state elections as well as the general election in 2024. “Karnataka taught us a very good lesson, if we as the congress party fight together there is no force that can defeat the congress party. We can regain the Idea of India,” a party official said.

Speaking at the event, Azharuddin congratulated the people of Karnataka for imposing their faith in the Congress party. “If you expect people to vote for you at the end of the day you need to tell them what the party is doing because people are sick of hearing that Congress in 70 years have not done anything, whatever development we have seen in India and now is done by the congress party right from independence.”

In his address, Pitroda applauded the victory and commended the people of Karnataka for ensuring his party’s victory and credited all the congress workers, leaders at the state level for the historic win. He emphasized that the victory will be the beginning of the rise of the party, which will regain its glory and win the 2024 parliamentary elections. He informed the gathering of the forthcoming visit of former Congress President Rahul Gandhi and invited attendees to the event to support his cause.

In the State Assembly election, Congress won 136 seats out of 224 assembly seats to replace the Bharatiya Janata Party in the state.