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Indian-Origin student makes dosas during lecture in US college, wins hearts

A social media influencer, Pedda P seems to have a close bond with dosas.

Social media influencer Pedda P. (Photo via Facebook)

Indian-origin student Pranav Pannala brought the taste and smell of southern India to his college classroom in the United States.

Students attending a lecture were surprised when , Pannala also known as Pedda P, a US-born Indian fusion singer, prepared fresh‌‌ dosas with a side of chutney and potato masala for his fellow classmates.

A video of Pedda P serving the dosas, which was also tasted by the professor, was shared on Instagram. The clip quickly went viral, with several users commenting about the amazing gesture.

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The latest video on his feed was captured by the professor himself. It received more than 52,000 likes as of Monday, March 13, 2023.

“Bro there is a separate fanbase for dosa,” one user wrote. Another praised the professor, saying: “Teacher passes the video check.” A third user said: “wish I could get such a cool professor for teaching us, at the same time being friendly to Pranav!! OMG really awesome.”

A previous video, titled part 3, shows Pedda P interrupting the professor talking about Tesla. Pedda P tells the professor that he has been preparing dosas using the “Balaji dosa mix.”

A social media influencer, Pedda P seems to have a close bond with dosas. He released a song titled My‌‌Dosa on February 24, 2023, which also featured another artist – ShakesProd –‌‌who along with Pedda P founded the Dosa Student Association which aims to‌‌ “spread dosa awareness and best practices regarding making crispy dosas.”

The association apparently has a zero-discrimination policy and welcomes “brown, white, small, tall, round, square whatever” to join them.

Pedda P has over 31,000 followers on Instagram and has many viral reels on his feed.