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Indian origin adventurists set auto rickshaw altitude World Record

The record was set using Bajaj auto rickshaws which produced 6.6 horsepower, slightly more than a gas push-powered lawn mower.

“The two auto rickshaws at the 19,024 foot/5,798 meter summit of Umling La Pass, in Ladakh India, the highest motorable road in the world.” Image - Harris and Harris LLP

Indian origin riders from Canada and Switzerland recently set the world record for riding auto rickshaws to the summit of Umling La Pass, at a height of 19,024 ft. by taking the highest motorable road in the world.

India born Canadian Priya Singh and Michele Daryanani of Indian descent from Switzerland took part when their teammates in the Rickshaw Run (Himalayan Edition) event, a competition where teams drive auto rickshaws from the city of Jaisalmer in the Indian Rajasthan desert to Leh, a northern Indian city in the Himalayas.

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