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Indian diaspora enjoyed kite flying in Sydney on Makar Sankranti

Although it was the peak of summer season in Australia, the community took part in the festival enthusiastically.

Sydney sider enjoying Kite flying. Photo by Indian Cultural Association

Makar Sankranti is the first major festival of the year celebrated in India. It was also celebrated in Sydney this year on 15th January. As flying kites is an important part of the festivities in India, a kite flying festival was organized at Sydney’s Castle Hill Showground, which people enjoyed a lot.

Glimpses of different types of kites in the kite stall. Photo by Saraswati Singh

Traditionally khichadi, sesame seeds and jaggery laddoos are made at home, while some people donate rice, sesame seeds, urad dal and jaggery in temples. It is believed that on this day the deities come to earth to receive the offerings made in the Yagya.

Commenting on the festivities, Indian Cultural Association, founder, Jai Trivedi told New Indian Abroad, "Six years ago, we started a kite flying festival with community members, which today has become a means of entertainment and culture for more than nine thousand people. Here you get a chance to know not just one state of India but the complete diversity of India, not only this, but now Australians also take part in it. You could not see multiculturalism like this."

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