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Indian diaspora celebrates Mahashivaratri in Sydney

Cultural glimpses from India's Kashmir to Kanyakumari were seen in the devotees who participated in Bhole Baba's abhishek at Sydney Shakti Temple.

Worship of Shiva linga with devotion. Photo by - Sakti Temple Sydney.

On the day of Mahashivratri, expatriates visited temples and pagodas from every corner of Sydney. This year Shivratri was celebrated on Saturday 18 Feb 23. In temples where grand decorations were seen, Sydney Shakti Temple devotees anointed Mahadev with water and milk chanting the Har Har Mahadev mantra.

Devotees anointing Mahadev with milk in Shakti Temple. Photo by - Saraswati Singh

The priest of Sydney Shakti Temple, Anand Gurukkal said, "This time Maha Shivratri is on Saturday with the association of Pradosh, which is a wonderful and auspicious occasion., so it's a very great day for shiva devotees."

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