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Indian American community pays tribute to Martin Luther King

Right from Vice President Kamala Harris, to several congressmen and people of power, all have paid tribute to Martin Luther King.

The Indian-American community, including US Vice President Kamala Harris, honored civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy saying that the nation must continue to fight for everyone's freedom and right to vote.

King, a supporter of Black civil rights, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on January 15, 1929.

"Dr Martin Luther King, Jr pushed for racial justice, economic justice, and the freedom that unlocks all others: the freedom to vote. To truly honor the legacy of the man we celebrate today, we must continue to fight for the freedom to vote and for freedom for all," Harris said. "As we celebrate and reflect on the legacy of Rev Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, let us all recommit to building a better, fairer, more equitable world," she added.

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