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India Giving Day campaign raises over US$1 million to support issues in India

The highlight of the campaign was a song by Indian singer Shivansh Kapil titled 'India here to give'.

Image - Twitter/@phil_india

India Philanthropy Alliance (IPA), a non-profit in the US, has attracted more than 1,000 donors contributing $1,376,262 through its "India Giving Day" campaign to support humanitarian and environmental issues in India.

The campaign kicked off on March 2, 2023, and received a tremendous response from people across the US, including the Indian-American community.

According to the press statement, various online and in-person gatherings took place throughout the country, including signature events in Washington, Dallas, and Chicago. The donations served a variety of causes, including health care and education for vulnerable populations, and environmental protection.

Commenting on the success of the campaign, Alex Counts, director of the Alliance, said, "Our ability to attract more than 1,000 unique donors in our first year exceeded our expectations. Indian-Americans and young people were enthusiastic, imaginative, and generous in their celebration of India Giving Day, which bodes well for future campaigns."

The alliance also organized an essay competition inviting students to write their perspectives on India's development challenges. "Winners will showcase their ideas to leading philanthropists at a major philanthropy conference to be held in San Francisco in late September 2023," the release said.

Supporters and sponsors of the campaign include Rural India Supporting Trust (RIST), Mastercard, and Bank of America. The steering committee and national co-chairs will soon decide the timing and format for India Giving Day 2024.