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India, Australia to undertake high level engagement in the coming days

PM Modi and Anthony Albanese, the new Australian PM, met on the sidelines of the Quad summit in Tokyo as part of the ongoing interaction.

Photo by Liam Pozz / Unsplash

In the upcoming days, India and Australia plan to interact  in high-level engagement as a part of their growing alliance. Given the large number of Indian students studying in Australia, the Indian minister of education, Dharmendra Pradhan, will be making a significant visit to the oceanic country next week. There are about 90,000 Indian students studying in Australia, according to estimates from the Indian government.

The Joint Working Group on Education, which is comprised of representatives from both parties, has also identified a number of important areas for cooperation, including joint research on educational policy, student exchange programmes, capacity building in vocational education, and distance learning in higher education.

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