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India's G20 Presidency: PM Modi highlights vision; monuments lit up in G20 logo

India's G20 Secretariat in New Delhi. (All images via Twitter)

As India's G20 presidency officially commenced from Dec.1, 2022 , Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated the aim, agenda, and priorities for the next one year . He posted his thoughts in a blog to mark the momentous occasion.

The highlights are as follows:


The PM said that during its presidency Indian models, experiences and values will help in providing solutions to the World's problems.


India will work towards promoting sustainable practices, reducing humanitarian crises and building a future free of war and weapons.


Finally, the PM urged his counterparts to extend their cooperation in making India's presidency "a Presidency of healing, harmony and hope" that will give rise to "a new paradigm of human-centric globalisation."

Meanwhile, over 100 monuments across the country were lit up with the G20 logo to commemorate the landmark moment on Dec.1, 2022.