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IIT-R develops technology to reduce water usage in textile industry

The textile industry is known for using and generating the most wastewater. Pre-treatment, dyeing, printing, and finishing of textile products are the main causes of water contamination.

IIT-Ropar developed machine that can reduce the use of water up to 90 per cent.(Image: Twitter/@iitrpr)

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Ropar announced on February 4, 2023, that it has developed an innovative green technology that can reduce the usage of water in the textile industry by a huge margin. Approximate calculations show that processing 1 kilogramme of cotton uses 200–250 litres of water.

The ‘air nano bubble’ technology developed by the IIT claims it can minimise water usage by 90 percent by first treating the water with ozone and air nano-bubbles. "The bubbles are hydrophobic in nature therefore interacts better than water with the fabric and distributes chemical and dyes in the fabric much efficiently than just water."

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