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Holi event in Connecticut in June

Just like it is done in India, the event will feature a host of events designed to interest people of all age groups.

Photo by John Thomas / Unsplash

A non-profit organization in Westport, Connecticut, announced a mixer themed‌‌ around the Indian festival of Holi to be held on June 3, 2023. The Westport Weston Family YMCA is organizing the Holi event to promote diversity and community engagement.

People from all backgrounds are encouraged to partake in the inaugural Holi‌‌ Festival scheduled to take place at the WWFY Mahackeno Outdoor Center. “The‌‌ Holi event aims to foster a sense of belonging, cultural understanding, and friendship among individuals from various walks of life,” reads a news release.

Back in India, Holi is typically celebrated with colours in powder form, flowers, and water. These celebrations are incomplete without sweets, lip-smacking food, a‌‌ traditional Holi drink called thandai, and foot-tapping music either played by a DJ or a live band. Holi is a fun festival but it holds great religious sentiment, as it is‌‌ celebrated to symbolize the triumph of good over evil. In Indian culture, the festival also marks the end of winter and the incoming spring. Additionally, it signifies the importance of community and friendship.

Just like it is done in India, the event will feature a host of events designed to interest people of all age groups. These include – playing with non-toxic organic colours, BollyX which is a Bollywood-style dance class, traditional Indian food, henna stations, face painting, and bounce houses. All attendees will receive a free t-shirt upon entry.

“Having grown up in India, I have fond memories of playing Holi as a child which makes it extra special to be able to host Holi here in Westport. This celebration unites people with different beliefs, cultural traditions, and experiences in the vibrant colours of friendship, renewal, and acceptance. At the WWFY, we believe in creating spaces where people of all backgrounds can come together, learn from one another, and build meaningful connections. We invite everyone to join us for a fun morning as we strengthen the bonds that make our community truly exceptional,” said Anjali McCormick, WWFY CEO.

The event requires pre-registration, priced at US$ 15. Registrations end on May 31.