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HCI Canberra and ICCR to host Festival of India in Australia

Gop Raas and the Ramayana will ne depicted through dance performances

Credits - HCI Canberra/Facebook 

The High Commission Of India in Canberra in association with the Indian Council For Cultural Relations (ICCR) is hosting the ‘Festival of India’ to showcase the rich and vibrant colours of Indian culture on Oct.8, 2022 at Llewellyn Hall, Canberra.

Two visiting cultural troupes from India namely, Margam and Pavitra Art will prefer at the festival to present the vibrant colours of India and its art through a medley of dance performances including classical, semi-classical and folk dances.

Folk dance group Margham will perform Gop raas, a fusion of folk dance and raas (divine dance) that narrated the story of Krishna and his consorts; Kalbelia, a Rajasthani dance form that originated from the snake charmer tribe; Bhangra, a high energy Punjabi dance; and dances from the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Pavitra Art, a Bharatnatyam classical dance group will narrate the story of the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu as per Hindu mythology through their act “Raghuvamsha Shri Rama”.

The dance drama will be spilt into two parts namely Varnam and Tilana. The first part will depict episodes of the popular Indian epic Ramayana ending with the killih of the demon kind Ravana and the coronation of Rama.

Tilana will be fast paced rhythmic composition in praise of Lord Rama. Drawing geometry in stage with colourful movements and creating a vibrant energy with pure Bharatanatyam.

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