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Haley promises strong and proud America, not weak and woke

Haley went after President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for the “woke self-loathing” that has come about the country.

Nikki Haley. Image-Facebook

Hammering away at the track record of the Biden administration but careful enough not to take on her former boss Donald Trump in a direct fashion, the Republican candidate for the Presidential election of 2024 Nikki Haley maintained that all that President Joe Biden and Democrats have given America were oppression, poverty and lawlessness something much different of the calling that brought her parents to the country. Haley, in her address to the Conservative Political Action Committee in Washington DC, said her vision is of an America that is strong and proud, not weak and woke.

“Joe Biden and the Democrats are giving us oppression, poverty, and lawlessness. On Joe Biden’s watch, we hit $31 trillion in national debt.  He’s put us on track to add $20 trillion more in the next 10 years… Joe’s only regret is that he hasn’t spent more. He doesn’t mind spending so much because he knows you’re the ones who are going to pay for it. The only thing Joe Biden should spend is more time in retirement!” Haley said going on to make the point that the only thing that Democrats have given was highest inflation in forty years and the lowest confidence in history.

Haley  went after President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for the “woke self-loathing” that has come about the country. “ It’s in the classroom, the boardroom, and the backrooms of government.  We’re told our country is flawed, rotten, and full of hate. Joe and Kamala even say America is racist. Wokeness is a virus more dangerous than any pandemic – hands down….  America isn’t perfect.  But the principles at the heart of America are perfect. And take it from me, the first minority female governor in history. America is not a racist country!”, Haley said.

Haley who was not only a two term Governor of the state of South Carolina but also Washington’s top representative at the United Nations during the Trump administration, talked of her favorite theme in foreign policy—cutting off American aid to countries that act against America.

“We give billions of dollars every year to countries that undermine us every day. They stab us in the back then turn around, with their hands out, wanting our money. Some of ‘em even support terrorists that kill our troops. To this day, we’re giving foreign aid to Pakistan, Iraq, the Palestinians, and even Communist Cuba and China.  We need to stop trying to buy friends. All we’re doing is paying off enemies. When I’m president, we will stop giving money to countries that hate America!”, she said.

The Indian American Presidential candidate was pointed in her comments on China stressing that the communist giant is the “strongest and most disciplined enemy” the United States has ever faced and a Haley administration that would confront Beijing in every way possible. “  I can’t believe what Joe Biden is letting China get away with.  Chinese companies now own more than 380,000 acres of American soil, some of it right next to our military bases.  What are we doing? We should never let an enemy buy land in our country. And we need to tell every university – you can either take Chinese money or American money, but you will no longer get both. China thinks the American era has passed. So do all our enemies”, Haley said.

Since the time Haley announced her run for the Republican Party nomination on February 14, 2023, she has been careful in not taking direct hits against her former boss but has consistently made the point indirectly that both Biden and Trump are past their times to lead the country and that America needs a new generation of leaders and with new ideas.