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Gujarati Samaj of New York celebrates Diwali

Traditional dresses and authentic food and musical program and happy crowd made the Gujarati Samaj of New York’s Diwali celebrations, a very successful event in Queens.

Gujarati Samaj of New York Committee pose with NYC Mayor Eric Adams and Deputy Commissioner Dilip Chauhan (From Left: Shailesh Pathak, Ameet Trivedi, Bhaat Patel, Virendra Banker,Hiren Vyas, Raju Patel, Ajay Patel, Deputy Commissioner Dilip Chauhan, NYC Mayor Eric Adams, President Harshad Patel, Mahesh Patel, Divyesh Tripathi, Manikant Patel, Bipin Patel , Jatin Upadhyaya)

Gujarati Samaj of New York recently celebrated the Grand Diwali in presence of New York Mayor Eric Adams and New York Deputy Commissioner Dilip Chauhan.

Audience with Diya

The celebrations were highlighted by a visit from the Mayor of New York City Eric Adams, and Deputy Commissioner Dilip Chauhan along with President Harshad Patel and Executive Committee members who lit the traditional lamp.

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