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GSA India : 3 day extravaganza to commence in Chicago

‌‌The Global Eye G.S.A. India,at the 75th Expo 2022, bears the theme "MADE IN INDIA - MADE FOR THE WORLD" as its central message.

Via : Twitter : @/gsaIndia75expo

A three-day extravaganza, the G.S.A. India @ 75th Expo 2022 will take place on December 15, 2022 in the Sheraton Hotel in Lisle/Naperville. The event will highlight how India has achieved a transformation on account of growth and development to become one of the top global economies since gaining independence in 1947.

By way of vibrant shows, thought-provoking daily workshops,  plenary educational sessions on investment opportunities and a rich cultural extravaganza of dance, music and meditation in various forms and lectures on the practices of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Vaastu, the special Expo will showcase ancient India and the new India on a single platform.

‌‌The Indian Consul General in Chicago, Ambassador Somnath Ghosh, and Congressman Danny K Davis will officially inaugurate the expo in the presence of a large number of dignitaries from the area, including civic and political leaders.

‌‌The Global Eye G.S.A. India,at the 75th Expo 2022, bears the theme "MADE IN INDIA - MADE FOR THE WORLD" as its central message.

‌‌An innovative project of the Indian American community in the Chicago area, the event aims to engage the American mainstream society to strengthen ties between India and the US, promote Indo-US trade, highlight India's contributions to American industry and research and vice versa and educate the next generation to enlighten the world.

‌‌The Indian Council of Cultural Relations and the Indian Ministry of External Affairs in Delhi have both offered the Expo Team encouragement and support.

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‌‌In addition to showcasing traditional Indian art, culture, handicrafts, yoga, alternative medicine, etc.,the event, which is supported by volunteers from numerous local community organizations, will also host workshops and panel discussions  to deliberate on the advancements made by India in the last few decades in the fields of education, manufacturing, healthcare, medicine and pharma, energy and space, cinema, renewal energy and sustainability.

‌‌The enormous tourism potential offered by India and its new position as a global leader will also be covered. Indian MSME participants are also expected to attend in large numbers.

‌‌According to the organizers the expo will impact a number of fields. The average American will be able to recognize and respect India's vastness, variety, inclusivity, and pluralism. He will also learn about the enormous advancements in economic, industrial, and agricultural fields over the years that have benefited not only India but also the entire world.

‌‌It is also anticipated that there will be a significant impact on the Indian Diaspora, especially the second and third generations. They will get a close-up look at the range and diversity of India's cultural legacy as well as the country's achievements in the aforementioned domains.

‌‌According to a news release, the expo's long-term benefits will be seen in US-Indian relations, particularly in trade, investment, and tourism. The speakers and participants at the exhibition are expected from many nations, including the United States, India, Europe, and others.