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Former Miss Barbados alleges Priyanka Chopra was favoured to win Miss World 2000

he added that when the other finalists were gathered in a group on a beach, Priyanka Chopra's huge images appeared in newspapers.

Source: Official YouTube channel of Leilani McConney.

Leilani McConney, a YouTuber and former Miss Barbados, said that Priyanka Chopra's victory at Miss World 2000 was "rigged" as she was also a fellow participant in that event.

Leilani McConney said that 'ZeeTV' television channel was funding the event and that Priyanka was being "favoured." Leilani said that Priyanka's clothes were better designed and that she was given access to food, while other participants didn't have that privilege. Leilani claimed that she was reminded of what took place during Miss World 2000 when she read about the claims being made regarding the Miss USA 2022 contest.

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