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Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston to open in July

Houston is set to become one of the only three locations in the world to host this museum dedicated to Gandhi's journey.

Photo by Deepak Mehra / Unsplash

Come July, North America will get its first free-standing museum dedicated to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Houston will be home to the Eternal Gandhi Museum dedicated to the social activist who is referred to as India’s Father of the Nation.

The museum has been in the works since 2016. As per its official website, Houston is the only city in the United States, and one of the only three locations in the world alongside Birmingham, U.K., and New Delhi, India, to host this museum.

Gandhi was known to possess and preach a set of values that included justice, peace, truth, non-violence, tolerance, service, and freedom among others. Spread across three acres in southwest Houston, the museum will serve as an engaging and fun platform for children and adults to learn about these values. According to the website, people of all ages will have the opportunity to learn and experience extraordinary multimedia exhibits at the establishment.

The ground-breaking ceremony for the museum was held in 2021. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled a plaque on the occasion. The PM spoke about the establishment at the community reception at the NRG Center. He called the museum “a prized cultural landmark in Houston,” adding, “I have been associated with this effort for a while. It will surely make Gandhi’s thoughts popular
among the youth.”

Aside from Gandhi’s, the museum will spotlight the journey of various world leaders who settled conflicts non-violently. “The ultimate goal is to encourage visitors to embrace these values in their own lives and create a positive force for social good,” says the website.