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Entrepreneur Ravi Puli wins Sakshi TV’s Telugu NRI of the Year Award

Building a new and successful life has been a hard yet rewarding journey for Puli, but according to him the true joy comes from when you are able to share your success with others and help them grow as well

Image Source: Ravi Puli

The community of Indians migrating abroad over years has been expanding and rapidly growing. Building their new lives in a new country, many Indians globally continue to give back to the country despite settling miles away in an effort to stay connected to their roots.‌‌

Over the course of the last few difficult pandemic ridden years NRI’s have been praised for their philanthropic activities in India.

One such notable figure is Telugu NRI Ravi Puli, Founder and CEO of International Solutions Group in Washington D.C. He was recently awarded the Sakshi TV’s Telugu NRI of the Year Award 2021 for excellence in charitable services  on Oct. 21 in his hometown in Warangal district in Telangana.‌‌

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