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Diaspora starts fundraiser to support grieving family

Deepak Chinthamalla, 44, is survived by his wife and two sons, one of whom requires special care.


In an effort to provide assistance to the grieving family of a Florida based Indian American man who died, the North American Telugu Society (NATS) has started a fundraiser.

The amount raised will be used to cover the funeral costs and support the family of Deepak Chinthamalla, 44, who died on April 26. The campaign went live on the NATS website with the goal set for US$500,000, a GoFundMe campaign went live as well. At the time of writing both sites have managed to raise US$2,796 and US$282,477 respectively.

Chinthamalla, who  was employed by the Centene Corporation, a managed care company, was found unconscious in his vehicle in a parking lot and pronounced dead at the scene. His funeral ceremony was held on Tuesday, May 2.

The deceased is survived by his wife Swapna Kommarraju, and sons Ayush, aged 14 and Happy, aged 9 who require special care. Kommaraju is a dance instructor and the founder and director of the Srishti Dance Academy which has two studios in Tampa and another in Valrico.