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Conway police continue search for Indian teen missing for 23 days

The teenager's parents believe their daughter ran away because of the fear of being deported to India, in case her father lost his work visa.

Tanvi Marupally (Image: Twitter)

Search operations are on for Indian American teenager, Tanvi Marupally, who has been missing since Jan. 17, 2023, when she ran away from her school, due to the fear of being deported from the US.

She was last seen near the premises of Conway Junior High School, Arkansas, wearing a purple coat.

Tanvi Marupally in purple coat (Image: Twitter)

Tanvi's parents, Pavan Roy Marupally and Sridevi Eadara reported her missing after she did not return from school. According to reports they alerted the police in the evening. Pavan who was employed in a tech firm feared that he may lose his work visa and be forced to leave the country soon.

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