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Bug in govt app exposes data of over 6 lakh Indian students

More than 10 lakh instructors' full names, phone numbers, and email addresses were exposed and left on an insecure cloud server.

(Image: Rahul Chakraborty / Unsplash)

A bug in the government's Diksha app was reportedly responsible for the exposure of data on almost 6 lakh Indian students. According to the report, because the app data was stored on an unprotected cloud server, details about users' identities, email addresses, educational histories, and other information became public.

‌ The Union Ministry of Human Resource and Development (now known as the Ministry of Education) launched the app in 2017 to provide study materials for Indian teachers. However, following the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, the app began to include interactive study resources for students (in grades 1–12).

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