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BJANA celebrates Holi in New Jersey

The event's chief guest was Dr Ashish Jha (Covid-19 Response coordinator and assistant to the US president).

Team BJANA (Image - BJANA ) 

Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America (BJANA) celebrated Holi, one of its signature festivals at the Royal Albert Castle in New Jersey. The event was attended by more than 550 persons of Bihar and Jharkhand's BJANA family from Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

At the Holi celebrations, scholarships were awarded to deserving students. Events included the publication of Vaishali, a special Holi magazine, and the presentation of awards to the children who contributed to it.

The event's principal guest was Dr Ashish Jha (Covid-19 Response coordinator and assistant to the US president), and the guest of honour was Randhir Jaiswal, consul general. Dr Jha thanked the BJANA team for the gracious invitation and wished everyone success and growth in the holiday season.

Sponsors of the event (Image - BJANA) 

The Consul General commended BJANA for its efforts in promoting Made In Jharkhand Products' Jharcraft', as well as Made In Bihar Products 'Biharika' on the occasion.

At the celebrations, Drs Sujal Singh, Archana Narain, D. Ramjee Prasad, a scientist from Denmark, and Mohan from TEAM Aid were also honored for their remarkable services to society.

Dr. Ashish Jha, Covid-19 Response coordinator and assistant to the US president, at the event (Image - BJANA) 

BJANA president, Anurag Kumar, addressed the crowd and outlined the organization's fundraising initiatives and social/charitable programmes, such as US Kids Educating the Kids in Bihar and Jharkhand, which promote travel and business opportunities. Kumar also thanked the Ramesh Bhatia Foundation for its generous financial support of BJANA's charity and social initiatives.