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Indian-origin army officers reunite with family during AustraHind military drill

During the drill, participating contingents will engage in a variety of tasks ranging from joint planning, joint tactical drills, sharing basics of special arms skills and raiding a hostile target.

Source : Twitter/@ADG PI-INDIAN ARMY

Private Manpreet Sharma and Corporal Kanishk Acharya, two Indian-origin officers serving in the Australian army reunited with their families during the bilateral Austrahind exercise that took place in Rajasthan

Having left Punjab for Adelaide, Private Sharma joined the Australian Army in 2013 and was posted in the Royal Australian Artillery. When his brigade began planning for Exercise Austrahind with the Indian Army in Rajasthan, Private Sharma was selected without hesitation.

“I speak three languages - Hindi, Punjabi and Gujarati - which I hoped would be helpful to the Australian contingent,” Private Sharma was quoted as saying in a statement released by the Australian defense.

On landing in India, he asked for permission to meet his parents in Bikaner, which was three hours away from the Mahajan Field Firing Range, where the Australian and Indian Armies were stationed for the exercise.

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