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Assisting people of Pakistan in their hour of need

India has never shied away from lending humanitarian assistance, the most recent being that of reaching out to Afghanistan. Nearly every official of India starting with the Prime Minister of India have voiced sympathy and anguish at what is happening across the border.

An aerial view of a flooded residential area in Sindh Province, southeastern Pakistan. Credits – UNICEF 

The call has gone out to the international community from the United Nations to help Pakistan that is currently reeling under a massive flood situation, some estimates speaking of up to one thirds of the country being under water. The world body is not just worried about the calamitous situation but also in its immediate aftermath by way of water borne diseases that are likely to break out of the receding waters. The floods could not have come at a worse time for a country was already in a deep economic mess with its leadership literally running from pillar to post looking for assistance.

The unprecedented floods is said to have claimed the lives of around 1200 people and affecting some 33 million, in the process destroying at least one million homes. According to a United Nations Report there are at least 650,000 pregnant women who are in urgent need of care with about 75,000 of them expected to give birth this month. The worst affected health facilities are said to be in Sindh and Balochistan; and overall vital crops have been badly affected as some two million acres of agricultural land has been damaged. In all the world body has asked for US$ 160 millions in immediate assistance.

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