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t is highly recommended for any individual who is using anabolic steroids to use any Aromatase inhibitor and arimidex is one of the top choices that one can opt for in case one is observing side effects related to raised estrogen levels


It is no secret that anabolic steroids for sale are a mandatory component in the fitness regime that any body-builder or fitness freak follows in the whole wide world. In spite of the fact that there is ban on many steroids as they are unfit for consumption and production and selling of most of them is banned. The bitter truth is that due to the anabolic effects they can have on body and fitness level it is hard to ignore them. Fitness freaks can even go to the black market for their procurement.

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The important fact is that medical experts discourage anabolic steroids for a reason, there are a number of adverse effects associated with them and if one is using them then one must consult properly to discuss all the possible side effects and chalk out a plan that determines a dosage that will prove to be effective and also reduces side effects. There area number of post steroid cycle regimes which one has to follow to reverse the effects that anabolic steroids might have caused.

Anastrozole for sale is also a PCT drug that is taken to reverse one of the very common and disturbing side effect of androgenic anabolic steroid which we will discuss in detail.


As per classification arimidex is an estrogen blocker or aromatase inhibitor. It is available with the trade name of arimidex for sale.Aromatization is a process through which estrogen is produced and high levels of estrogen is good for producing feminine like characteristics such as growth of breast tissues. Anastrozole is an aromatase inhibitor and it blocks the enzymatic pathway by blocking plasma lipases that are responsible for that conversion. Restricted conversion results in lower estrogen levels and lessens the side effects of high estrogen levels.

Anastrozole is an FDA approved drug that was introduced in the drug market in the year 1995 and was introduced with the claim to cater the breast cancer found in post-menopausal women. There are tumors that depends on hormones for its growth and proliferation and high levels of estrogen can help them grow and metastasize. Drugs that lower the estrogen levels are believed to restrict the growth of such carcinomas.

High levels of estrogen are not favorable in any sort of conditions as they can disrupt the normal functioning of the body and hormonal interplay that is mandatory to maintain a healthy reproductive system and reproductive cycle. Any condition that arises due to high estrogen levels can be treated by this aromatase inhibitor.


Many drugs were produced for another reason but due to their certain effects are also consumed for other reasons. Same is the case with anastrozole. Due to its ability to block estrogen it is used by the bodybuilding community to reverse one of the virilization effect of anabolic steroids which is gynecomastia (swelling of breast tissue often referred as male boobs).


Anastrozole is an orally produced non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor abbreviated as AI. It is available in pills form and one can buy anastrozole as per the requirement of the condition.

As it has the ability to reverse the side effects or un-wanted effects of high estrogen levels so it is used by bodybuilders and fitness freaks who use anabolic steroids. As anabolic steroids are exogenous form of testosterone or testosterone derivatives so once they are inside the body after causing their effects they are converted in to estrogens and levels of estrogen rises above the optimal range and as estrogen is a female hormones.

As arimidex is estrogen blocker so it helps in controlling the levels of estrogen in blood. It is included along-with the steroid cycles to keep controlling the estrogen levels and minimize the gynecomastia related side effects.


There can be two ways of incorporating arimidex while using anabolic steroids for physique and performance enhancing aspects:

  1. Using while running the anabolic steroid cycle.
  2. After ending the anabolic cycle as a PCT (post cycle therapy)

Some bodybuilders can include arimidex along with the cycle and if that is the case then one should incorporate arimidex while one is on the second week of anabolic steroid cycle and the dosage is 0.5 milligrams of arimidex and that too twice a week for the rest of the whole length might it be 8 weeks 12 weeks or whatever the length. It will keep the estrogen levels low and no appearance of male breast tissue growth will be observed.

Another method to incorporate arimidex after the end of the cutting or bulking cycle. To reverse the gynecomastia effect. One should always consult to know the exact dosage to be used. Usually, bodybuilders buy anastrozole 1mg pills for sale for that matter.


It is important to know the side effects of high levels of estrogen and why it is important to reverse the high levels to normal. Following are some of the disadvantages of high estrogen:

  • Gynecomastia in males. Formation of more breast tissue and swelling that gives an enlarged breast like females look. it is highly un-pleasing to have saggy boobs.
  • It causes a decrease in muscle mass, number of muscles also decline and the mass of the muscles also shrinks, indirectly affecting the strength, power and stamina of a bodybuilder.
  • Difficulty in focusing, clouding of judgement and poor focus and concentration can lead to lack of interest in following the routine religiously which is mandatory for any bodybuilder or fitness freak.
  • Erectile dysfunction and related issues can also be addressed to some extent. There is no absolute conclusion on arimidex ability to correct erectile dysfunction but it is believed to improve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.
  • High levels of estrogen can also cause fluid retention and it can give a bloated and saggy look and also increases the weight which can be an added burden on bodybuilder and one can also fake huge muscle gains but in reality, half is just water weight.
  • Hair loss is one of the main causes of increased estrogen levels and it also shatters the confidence and overall look of an individual. An added expense for future hair transplant or plasma rich hair therapy is also another aspect.
  • Hot flushes and increased sweating that can be uncomfortable and if occurs at night can also affect the quality of sleep on gets and can directly have negative influence on overall health and performance of any individual or athlete.
  • Raised estrogen levels also disrupt the normal hormones levels and the healthy environment that is mandatory to be fertile. Raised estrogen can greatly affect fertility and make a person impotent or infertile.
  • Weak bones known as osteoporosis is another great concern. High estrogen affects the density of bones and make them less dense and weak. Weaker bones are unable to bear heavy loads, not able to perform at your fullest. Strength, endurance and stamina are all reduced.
  • General malaise and tiredness. Feeling low and fatigue even at the slightest of work pressure. One is unable to follow workout routine as one gets fatigued even at slightest of workout.
  • Mood swings and depression are also an obvious sign without any solid cause due to hormonal derangements.


Arimidex is an FDA approved drug and is available on the pharmacies but it is a controlled drug and is only available on prescription. One cannot acquire it for reversing the high testosterone symptoms from the drug stores as it is not recommended for that reason.

One can buy arimidex online from different drug portals offering it. There are large number of online platforms that are specialized in all the performance enhancing drugs and one can buy steroids for sale online from them and drugs that are used as a PCT drugs. Always opt for legal and licensed sellers and distributors as they have the medical grade safe and authentic products. They also ensure that product delivered is safely delivered through discreet packaging to avoid any damage and contamination.

Home delivery services inside and outside the country with simple order placement procedure is a life saver in this time constraint schedule of almost every other individual. Minimal delivery time, nominal delivery charges are some of the factors that can help you identify authentic vendors to place your orders with. They have facilitation desk that can help you with any PCT drug information you need to know.


It is highly recommended for any individual who is using anabolic steroids to use any Aromatase inhibitor and arimidex is one of the top choices that one can opt for in case one is observing side effects related to raised estrogen levels.

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