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Ajmar AJ Johal named Carteret’s Town Council President

Johal reached this position from scratch after starting as a gas station attendant to the owner of several gas stations.

Carteret's Mayor, Dan Reiman (L) and Council President, Ajmar AJ Johal (R). Image/Borough of Carteret

Indian origin Ajmar AJ Johal was named town council president in the Borough of Carteret, New Jersey.   He is the first Asian, Indian-American, to have been made council president in the local government of Carteret.

A borough is an administrative division that has its government. Carteret is a borough in Middlesex County, in the US state of New Jersey.

The Punjabi Sikh was first elected to the council in 2016, as its first Asian Indian-American member as well as the first Indian American board of education member. On his elevation, Johal credited his previous experience linked to public life and a long association with the council, which led him to being council president.

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