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Air India to reduce flight frequency to US

The airline will temporarily reduce services on some routes to the States in order to deal with crew shortage.

Image - Air India 

Air India will temporarily stop three weekly flights each to the airports of San Francisco and Newark in the United States, for the following three months, Campbell Wilson, the CEO of Air India, announced.

Speaking at the CAPA India Summit, on March 20, 2023 the CEO said that the reduction of six weekly flights to the US is due to a crew shortage that is currently being addressed.

Wilson announced that the airline would shortly hire 100 new B777 pilots and add 1700 commanders, 140 of whom will be foreigners. In the next 3-5 years there won't be any shortages of pilots, he assured.

‌‌At the summit, Wilson shared that "a lot is being done" to revamp the airline and improve traveler experience significantly. More than 20 aircraft were restored to operation in the previous year, he said adding that 470 additional mega orders would be delivered over the course of the following year.

‌‌The CEO of Air India emphasized the difficulties brought on by supply-side limitations. He claimed that because of supply chain concerns, the renovation of Air India's present fleet has taken longer than anticipated.