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AAPI joins forces with CETI in TB Notification Campaign

The American Association of physicians plans to aid in CETI’s efforts by working together to utilize the 100,000-strong network of physicians of Indian origin living in the United States to support health programs in India

AAPI joins forces with CETI in TB Notification Campaign (Source: Provided)

The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) recently collaborated with CETI for the Boosting the TB Notification (BTN) campaign. The BTN campaign is a training and certification program for district TB officers (DTOs).

The event, which was organized by Dr Manoj Jain and Dr Salil Bhargava, the co-founders of the Collaboration to Eliminate TB in Indians was attended by almost 370 district and state TB officers. The program engages several key organizations such as CETI, Emory University, the Indian Institute of Public Health, USAID and the CDC to collaborate in the war against tuberculosis.

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