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Indian Student organizes "plogging" initiatives to clean up UK streets

In India, he set up a plogging community known as “Pune Ploggers” back in 2018, with over 10,000 members who have collected over 1 million kilograms of rubbish and wanted to continue the trend when he took up his scholarship position at Bristol University in September last year.

A student from India, organizes "plogging" initiatives to clean up UK streets. (Twitter)

Vivek Gurav, a native of Pune drew inspiration from the Swedish idea of "plogging," which combines "jogga" (jogging) and "plocka upp" (pick-up) to motivate people to keep their neighborhood clean.

His initiative helped him win the Points of Light Award from 10 Downing Street earlier this year. The Award recognises those who make a difference in their communities.

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