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3 Indians among winners of TiE Boston 2022 Awards

The winners will be felicitated on December 2 at the Sheraton Boston Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.

Jamie Goldstein, Uros Kuzmanovic, Aman Narang (top-left), Dinesh Patel (bottom-right) and Rohit Prasad (Top-center) Named Winners of the TiE Boston 2022 Annual Awards (Twitter)

TiE Boston, a nonprofit that connects entrepreneurs, executives, and venture capitalists in the area, has named three Indians namely, Aman Narang, Dinesh Patel and Rohit Prasad among the winners of its annual awards in various categories.

Aman Narang, Toast, Inc.'s co-president, founder, COO, and director, was named Entrepreneur of the Year during the event. Previously he worked on Endeca's (now Oracle) innovative efforts and oversaw the creation of its mobile commerce and business intelligence platform, both of which grew into sizable business divisions.

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