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2 Indian cities among world’s best for local food

New Delhi and Mumbai are among the top 100 cities in the world for local food, with New Delhi ranking 16 and Mumbai ranking 34 based on ratings from users and Google.

Photo by Shree Iyer / Unsplash

According to a recent report released by Food Atlas, New Delhi and Mumbai are among the 100 best cities in the world to enjoy local food, ranked 16 and 34 respectively.

Food Atlas is a database that combines ratings from users and Google. The report did not focus on cities with the most Michelin stars or the most famous chefs. Instead, it combined the ratings of the best local and regional dishes served in each city, the average rating of national dishes, and the average Google rating of traditional restaurants.

New Delhi ranked number 16 with a score of 4.56. The city's traditional food is known for its aromatic spices, rich flavours, and diverse culinary influences. Some of the most popular dishes in New Delhi include butter chicken, aloo tikki, and chole bhature. The city is also known for its dhabas, roadside eateries that serve home-style Indian dishes. For those with a sweet tooth, Kuremal Mohan Lal Kulfi Wale is a must-visit spot for unique flavours of kulfi, or Indian ice cream.

Taste Atlas Report of 100 Best Cities for Local Food. Image - Taste Atlas

Mumbai ranked number 34 with a score of 4.47. The city is famous for its street food vendors and traditional Indian eateries. Mumbai's food scene is characterized by its diverse influences, rich spices, and generous use of local ingredients. Vada pav, a spicy potato fritter served in a bun, is a local favourite, along with pav bhaji and bhel puri. Irani cafés, which serve a blend of Iranian and Indian dishes in a distinctive atmosphere, are also a unique feature of Mumbai's food scene. For those who can handle the heat, the bhut jolokia, an incredibly spicy chilli pepper, is a popular local ingredient.

Both cities offer a mouthwatering promenade of traditional and local dishes, making them must-visit destinations for food lovers.